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  • Do we provide a Health Guarantee?
    YES! We provide a 5 Month Health Guarantee for all of our puppies that are sold, unless otherwise specified.
  • When can puppies go home?
    Under the California state law, Puppies are only allowed to go to their new home at the age of 8 weeks.
  • What is the process for taking a puppy home with SacBulldogs
    The process for taking a puppy home with SacBulldogs is quite simple. Let us know which puppy you see on our available page. schedule a time to see the puppy. Take the puppy home!
  • When do puppies get their Vaccinations?
    Puppy vaccinations start at 6 weeks of age and proceed until around 16 weeks of age. More information can be found here at AKC.ORG
  • Should I take my puppy to the Dog park?
    Puppies should never go to a Dog Park until they are fully vaccinated. It can lead to the puppy getting sick due to diseases that the pup hasn't been vaccinated against YET. AKC.ORG has more information here.
  • What is the history of English Bulldogs?
    One look at the broad shoulders and brawny physique of the English Bulldog should tell you everything you need to know—this dog was first bred as a fighter, not a lover. Indeed, evidence suggests that the Bulldog found its early start as a butcher’s dog—tasked with subduing the soon-to-be slaughter—and as a key player in the cruel “sport” of bull-baiting, in which people began pitting this dog breed against tied-up bulls several times their size. This (exceptionally awful) practice was a source of entertainment for many from the 13th century until it was banned in 1835.3 It’s where the Bulldog earned its name—and plenty of fans, all enamored with the pup’s courageous, tenacious spirit. After “retiring from the ring,” the Bulldog found fame in a new profession: family furball. With all the aggressive personality traits bred out, English Bulldogs became household icons. Fast forward to today, and you can hardly go for a walk around the block without spotting one of these burly bruisers.
  • Puppy Sitting Service by SacBulldogs
    Are you leaving for a few days and need someone to watch your puppy or dog? We can Watch your puppy, Apply Here.
  • What Puppy Food do we recommend!
    Here at Sacbulldogs we love the Costco Brand puppy food! Works the best helping pup's transition from wet to solid food!
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