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Waterproof Raised Edge BPA Free Silicone Pet Feeding Mat

Waterproof Raised Edge BPA Free Silicone Pet Feeding Mat

  • LESS MESS: designed to keep your pet’s mealtime mess off your floors; waterproof mat prevents food and water spills contained to the top of the mat
  • 100 PERCENT WATERPROOF FOR ULTIMATE FLOOR PROTECTION: some of the cutest pets can be the messiest eaters and drinkers; mat is constructed from 100% waterproof silicone that is dishwasher safe for an easy clean; mat features a 1/8-inch-thick raised edge around its border that helps to contain liquid runoff to the top of the mat; mat acts as a barrier to help prevent spills from reaching your floors and causing potential damage
  • KEEP BOWLS IN PLACE: slip resistant topside features raised dots to help keep your pet’s bowls in place; also helps to prevent food scatter to help keep crumbs on the mat and off your floors; durable backing helps it to stays in place
  • BPA FREE FOOD GRADE MATERIAL: mat is constructed from food grade, BPA free silicone that is perfect for your home and pet
  • FOR ALL PETS AND ALL TYPES OF BOWLS:  the feeding mat comes in many sizes and colors for all pets; mat can be placed under cat fountains, raised feeders, auto feeders, and can be used under litter boxes to help prevent mess; mat measures 18.5x11.5 inches
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