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What to Consider Before Bringing Home Your New Puppy!

You’ve searched high and low for the right furry companion to join your household. You have imagined the day your puppy will be snuggled lovingly in your arms while you gaze into your puppy’s eyes. As you dream about all the fun you’ll have, you’re filled with excitement and hope…but now what? While you are looking for your forever friend, here are some factors to consider before a puppy becomes your lifelong companion.

Establish a Vet Relationship

The very first place you need to take your new puppy other than your home will be to a veterinarian. Your puppy will need necessary vaccinations and deworming and receive a nose-to-tail examination. You’ll then establish a regular checkup and vaccine schedule to keep your dog healthy. The next check-ups will occur around every month after the initial visit until about 16 weeks. After this time period, you’ll probably visit around once a year for well checks and for any issues or illnesses that may pop up.

You might not know where to begin when choosing the right veterinarian for your puppy, and you may experience decision fatigue since you may have several options around you. Here’s how to begin the process of choosing a veterinarian.

Start with friends and family

Start with asking for recommendations from your neighbors and local friends who own English Bulldog(s) or any Dog Breeds for that Matter. They’ll be able to tell you both the good experiences they’ve had as well as less-than-ideal encounters. You’ll hear some of the same stories repeated multiple times, so pay attention to the overall satisfaction rather than relying on one person’s experience.


Consider your personal schedule. Are you looking for the closest vet to your house, or are you willing to drive a bit further? Is it easy to get an appointment? Does the vet keep regular business hours, or do you need one with evening and weekend hours? What is the process for emergency after-hours visits? Do they offer same-day appointments for situations requiring immediate attention but not intense enough for an emergency vet visit? Do they also offer boarding opportunities for when you go out of town? Perhaps you prefer if the vet has a solid online presence or even an app where you can make appointments, ask questions, and easily access records. You’ll want to think about what fits you and your family best since you’ll be going to the vet as part of your regular routine.

Personal Experience

Now that you’ve chosen a convenient vet office that comes highly recommended, trust your instincts on the impressions you get during your first few visits. Is the facility clean and brightly lit? Is the staff helpful and pleasant? Did you feel the vet techs and veterinarian thoroughly answered any questions you had? A good vet will also offer advice on choosing food and other important information regarding your puppy’s health beyond just giving vaccinations.

Stick to a Routine

Perhaps the most crucial component of living with a dog is establishing a routine that works for your family. Decide which family members will be responsible for chores such as feeding, walking, potty training, cleaning up after messes, and behavior training, so everyone in your household is on board. And above all, have lots of patience and give out praise! Think about how your days and nights will go, as puppies need lots of attention and structure. Those first few nights may be rough as your new puppy adjusts to a new place and being away from mama and littermates.

Some questions to ask yourself about your home environment and routine:

  • Will you use a crate, pen, or special area? When will the pup stay in the area?

  • How will you potty train?

  • Where will the dog be sleeping? Do you have a nap schedule in mind?

  • How frequently will the puppy be eating, and where will that spot be?

  • What type of exercise is needed to keep your pup healthy?

  • Are there other animals in the household, and are they all on the same schedule?

  • Will your pup be taking trips outside the home, and how does the dog do in the car?

  • Is your home free from floor clutter (no sock is safe!), and are dangerous foods like chocolate, grapes, and xylitol carefully stored away, eaten, and cleaned up?

  • Do you have other pets or young children that will need an introduction, or are you planning on introducing the dog to a new baby in the future?

  • Will your puppy be allowed on the furniture?

  • How frequently will you need to vacuum if your dog is a shedder?

  • How will you handle encounters like thunderstorms, fireworks, visitors, vacuums, trash collectors, loud yard equipment, boisterous children, and mail carriers?

  • What methods will you use to behavior train your dog?

Speaking of Training…

It’s crucial that you train your puppy to be a fantastic, well-behaved member of the family. No one enjoys being knocked over by an English Bulldog who wasn’t taught any manners, and an untrained dog can be a danger to itself, other people, and other animals. Avoid mishaps by finding the appropriate training style to help your Puppy thrive! Once your puppy is fully vaccinated and ready to mingle, check out puppy obedience classes, intensive boarding training, specialty training like hunting or agility, and opportunities for socialization via meet-ups, dog parks, and local events to help your puppy make new friends and learn how to navigate any situation.

Microchip Your Pup

No matter where you reside, the most important thing to do is microchip your dog in case your pup decides to go exploring! A microchip is a device no bigger than a grain of rice inserted under the skin. Microchips can be scanned to discover the pet owner’s information, but you’ll have to register the chip with a current address and phone number. Find out what the local process is when a dog is taken into custody by animal control just in case your dog is lost. It’s also a good idea to know about online area lost and found sites or local social media groups to post and monitor your lost pet.

Other Questions to Think About

  • Are you interested in a doggy daycare?

  • Which toys are best and safest for your Puppy?

  • Other than the vet, who can you count on if you need to handle a pet emergency?

  • Where will your furry friend stay when you go out of town?

  • Will your dog need pet insurance?

Find Your Perfect Puppy at SacBulldogs

Adding a puppy to your life can be exhilarating and rewarding, and it’s important to have answers to these questions right away. With proper preparation, you’ll have an arsenal of knowledge as these needs pop up. We offer happy, healthy puppies for any lifestyle, so search our available puppies for sale to find your new best friend!

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